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Our objective in producing this website has been to be as informative as possible about the areas covered by the local Parish Council. The site is mainly to convey such things as Meeting Agenda and Minutes of those meetings.

The ‘About’ page provides a little information about the areas within the Parish: where they are, their history, what facilities they have to offer and any other available detail.

We would emphasise that the Parish Council meetings are open to all and would encourage as many people as possible to attend. We are all stakeholders in the life of our community.

** Ref 7/2017/2298 Thirlmere Activity Hub.

This application was considered by the Parish Council at a meeting held on the 6th December 2017 a copy of the minutes, questionnaire responses & planning response can be found below. For anyone wishing to make any observations relating to this application they should be addressed to the Lake District National Park Authority (planning@lakedistrict.gov.uk).

St John’s Castlerigg & Wythburn Parish Council Dec 17 Mins

St John’s Castlerigg & Wythburn Planning comments 7/2017/2298

Zip Wire Questionnaire Responses Paper  (Please note that this questionnaire was distributed too all members of the Parish prior to the Planning application being submitted and was an opportunity for the Parish Council to canvass the opinion of its electorate) **

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